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    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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by: Dr. Kathleen Sales

Anniversary Reactions

Anniversary Reactions are exacerbations of your PTSD symptoms that occur on the date of your trauma. Not everyone experiences them, but they are common. They can vary from a few minor symptoms to severe reactions with dangerous repercussions. Typical symptoms may include: Increased negative feelings such as: grief, sadness, anger, frustration, guilt, shame, anxiety, and

Aug 05, 2015 Admin

Invitation to Veterans with PTSD

If you are a veteran with PTSD and have used marijuana or related chemicals to treat your symptoms, you are invited to send me your story of how it works—for better or for worse. I consider all experiences equally valid. I plan to send copies of your letters to the Senators and Representatives in Washington,

Jul 21, 2015 Admin

Why Can’t the VA treat PTSD?

The VAH has earned a bad reputation for treating PTSD with piles of pills. Why do they persist in doing this? Are there any medications or techniques that work better? What should they do instead? I worked for the VA over 40 years ago when we didn’t have the diagnosis “PTSD”. We definitely had the

May 10, 2015 Admin
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