Monthly Archives: July 2015

veteran smoking weed

Invitation to Veterans with PTSD

If you are a veteran with PTSD and have used marijuana or related chemicals to treat your symptoms, you are invited to send me your story of how it works—for better or for worse. I consider all experiences equally valid.

I plan to send copies of your letters to the Senators and Representatives in Washington, D.C., but I will need their permission to add a lengthy attachment. So once I have your letters, I will email each of them and send your stories to the people who respond.

Your letters should be about a page in length, and they don’t have to follow any set protocol EXCEPT they may not be threatening or disrespectful to our country or to government officials. With that exception, I will send exactly what you write. True stories are powerful persuaders, so you don’t need to embellish. Just tell the truth about what happened before you tried marijuana and after.

You may send your letters to my email: Please type “veteran’s story” in the subject line so I will recognize it. You need to put your name, service, rank, and contact info (email or phone) in the letter, so the recipients know you are an actual veteran. Please also put in writing whether or not you give me permission to publish your letter, as that would be another way to get out the word and influence public opinion.

It will take a lot of letters to make an impression, so please pass this request on to all your buddies who suffer with PTSD. If everybody helps, I’m certain we can change some hearts and minds.

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